Social Media Marketing


Social Media MarketingIn the past few years, social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube have evolved as the most popular social web portals over the internet. These applications have opened new opportunities for marketing and increasing the awareness of your brands. These social networks help a lot in building a strong and more personal relationship with your customers.

We provide lot of services within social media marketing. A single service does not suit all of the clients so we provide a large variety of services, out of which some are mentioned below. We can offer each of these services as a part of the customized offer in order to maximize your profit .


Social Media Strategy

In order to achieve your business goals, social media marketing strategy should be a part of your business plan. The plan should cover the current marketing activity as well as other aspects of your business. We can provide you assistance in this regard.

Social Media Audit

A full social media marketing campaign requires an assessment of where you stand in regards to the marketplace and your competitors.  We can help you do this by doing a social media audit to identify your position.

Social Media Training & Consultancy

Because social media is constantly changing and progressing, we offer specialized training for your business to keep you abreast of what’s happening NOW in social media.

Social Media Profile Setup

An effective social media profile for your business is important.  Setting up social media profile for your business can be a boring task but it needs to be done in the best possible way. Most of the businesses do not invest for this important factor in social media. We can serve you in setting up a social media profile and keep it updated.

Professional Social Media Branding

Brand plays a very important role in a business. It is an identification of a business.  Therefore your branding needs to be consistent in all channels including social media.   We offer our services for customized Facebook business page designs, channels on YouTube , Twitter themes etc. so you can present your brand in a unique and effective way.

Social Media Manager

You need a specialist to keep your social media content up to date. You also need to communicate and respond to queries and comments.  SocialNetix offers its services to fulfill your business needs in this case.  We can also manage your business blogs and keep your content updated.

Company Blog Setup

Blogging has become a very strong and essential part of social media. We can help you in setting up a blog for your business along with the latest social media integration, organization of your content across all the major social networks and with Google analytics.

Blog Posting & Article Writing

Although quality content is an integral part of social media marketing, it is a time-consuming process.  We offer to write Blog posts and Articles.  You instruct us and we write and upload the content for you.  

Online Reputation Management

We offer our services to take care of the reputation of your brand or company across the Internet including social media and blogs. We monitor the changes and respond in a quick manner to any negative publicity and turn it towards a positive way.

Video Creation

Video is important in social media campaigns as it’s an interactive way to advertise your business and brand.  Youtube is the largest platform where you can advertise your brand or business. We  creating video adverts from images and articles etc, optimize the videos for search engine visibility and upload them.

Website Integration

We offer our services to integrate your business websites with social media. This integration connects your business website directly to your social media profiles. This helps by increasing customer interaction.