Atlanta Search Engine Marketing

Tips for Online Marketers Doing Search engine marketing in Atlanta


The Search Engine Marketing is a multi-billion industry around the world. As a matter of fact, total expenditures on SEM have reached US$13.5 billion already in 2008 in United States alone. This only proves that plenty of advertisers are really utilizing this tool as part of the marketing strategy of their company.


However, if you will look into the different methods to conduct SEM, you will find out that it is a bit costly. Aside from that, the case is that most of the time, only rich companies are financially capable of affording the services? But how about the local marketers, say, the local online advertisers who want to engage in search engine marketing for Atlanta, GA?


With the global interrelation that the World Wide Web provides, it is quite difficult to compete, most especially with big online marketing companies. This is because they have the pool of resources where they can get their payment for PayPerClick advertisements anytime they want. But the question still remains, how will the local advertisers be able to stay in the competition?


There are many possible answers for this concern. However, if you are an Atlanta-based small business that intends to conduct Atlanta search engine marketing, for example, there are at least three things that you need to understand first. These are necessary because otherwise, you might only be wasting your limited resources.


These three (3) things are related to the elements of the SEM, choosing between the organic searches versus the PayPerClick as well as the key aspects for an ensured success in SEM in Atlanta.


Elements of SEM

One key element of this is the objective or goal of companies utilizing search engine marketing. Well in fact, no matter what method you use, the only goal of employing it for your business is nothing but to improve or maintain their high ranking on different and popular search engine results pages or SERPs so that they will be more visible to the virtual world.


Another element is related to visibility, which is essentially popularity. Even though that they may seem similar, you must understand that they are not similar. This is because visibility is just an aspect of popularity. In popularity, you also need to make your site appealing to the customers and visitors so that they will continuously and regularly come back for more; hence, it is not all about making your page visible.


The medium or method is also another important element of SEM. This refers to the tool that you will use in executing your SEM plans. You can choose AdWords, PayPerClick options or link-building for organic search results.


Organic searches vs. payperclick

The latter aspects posted in the elements pose some issues. If you are new in the industry or a small business just planning to get involved in marketing your business in Atlanta using the search engines, then you must know which is better between organic searches and PayPerClick paid advertisements. In this regard, the answer would depend on which perspective you are coming from.


On the one hand, PayPerClick as well as AdWords have marked a lot of success stories already. This is because it is really a surefire advertising since it is paid. However, this is not beneficial for small businesses who have very limited resources. Aside from that, major search engines reviewed their policy already about this.


On the other hand, organic searches are more favored nowadays. As a matter of fact, search engine like Google already incorporated this for their recent algorithms. With this, small to medium businesses can engage in search engine marketing in Atlanta by way of link-building and the like. As a result, they have more chance to be viewed in local searches.